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The cost of admission, the lines, the additional cost of admission to skip the line, the cost of food, the suddenly sugar-addled kids, and the inevitable breakdowns that come when that sugar wears off are all fine reasons for adults to loathe a summer visit to an amusement park. There are adults who outright love going to theme parks and might even see kids as their ticket back to senior skip day in high school; for parents who wonder what’s in these theme-park trips for them, here are a few places that offer some incentive. The real park is filled with DC Comics and Looney Tunes characters for the kids and a wealth of all-ages rides, but big coasters restricted to folks at least 54 inches tall and those restricted to riders under 4 feet tall are what draws college students back for the summer, high school kids on summer break, and parents taking a divide-and-conquer approach to the park with children of different ages. With 19 roller coasters, dance parties at night , and 30 flat-screen televisions, dueling pianos, and booze at the Full Throttle Sports Bar, Magic Mountain strikes a balance between older and younger patrons. At least that’s what the moose out front should have told you. The park has beer-and-barbecue tasting events and bars in the park itself, in its Cedar Point Shores waterpark, and in its historic Breakers hotel. With live music, a broad array of food options, and a whole lot of rides built for thrill-seeking adults, Cedar Point makes the views of Lake Erie from atop its biggest roller coasters even more inviting for older guests.

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This popular event is not for the faint of heart, attracting crowds like fruit flies to fermenting grape juice. At full 4, person capacity, it was every oenophile for herself, with bellying-up space at a premium. But this did not deter the numerous enthusiasts from enjoying themselves in this electric atmosphere. This was an opportunity to expand wine knowledge and share it with others. The issue for those selling the wine? And so often it is the story that sells the wine.

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I love the aftertaste of wine and I score it very highly on my rating assessment of individual wines. A second aftertaste is superb in wine, but Scotches and Cognacs have aftertastes that last all night, and welcome you the next morning. We first tried Sherries from that small triangle in Southern Spain right at the Straights of Gibraltar. These wines are aged in the Solera system Next we tried two Ports — the nearest thing to usual dinner wines among those tasted.

The Kopke is the longest family run Porto in Portugal dating to Both were very good and were well liked by most tasters. Next I tried to make a case for Marsala not being relegated to a cooking wine. Here there was an interesting tale about this old wine being confined to the Trapini region near the NW corner of Sicily. When Englishman John Woodhouse in was forced by a storm to land in Marsala, he fell in love with the wine and recognized the similarity to the popular Port in England, and decided not to collect the load he was to pickup in Sicily and rather filled his ship with Marsala.

He came back in and set up a winery. In he was followed by fellow Englishman Benjamin Ingham who even built the first Anglican Church Church of England , the only church of the Diocese of Europe, across the road from his mansion. These wines use the Perpetuum system — similar in concept to the Sherry Solera system. These wines were not favorites of the tasters but Mike had fun reliving his trip to Palermo where he and Patty stayed in the Bingham residence, now the Grand Hotel de Palmes in Palermo, Sicily.

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Monday, October 29, Happy Monday! I’ve added two new sizes to last year’s Enamel Pin Banner Tutorial! The original size is now the Large, and I’ve added a Medium and a Small option! You can find the updated tutorial here: After we moved, I couldn’t find my original banner, so I made a new one! Actually I thought I’d given the original away, so I stopped looking pretty quickly.

Meyoo offer a range of singles events in Sussex from walks and activities, from wine tasting and parties, and speed dating and meet and mingle style events. All Meyoo events are designed to give you a great night out, have fun doing something you enjoy, and meet other like-minded people.

You can think of a play as a recipe for actors. There is, of course, only way to truly know how lovely the cake actually is. I can talk to you about it for hours. I can describe the fluffy light sponge that melts on your tongue and the gorgeously not-too-sweet cream that oozes from its centre. So how do you eat the works of Shakespeare? This is a totally different experience to reading the words on the page.

You have to try it yourself.

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Share this article Share Renee had her long blonde locks parted in the middle and down, and was impeccably made up. The veteran actress smiled as she posed on the red carpet at the benefit Upcoming: The Oscar-winner waved as she walked the red carpet at the swanky function The motion picture will feature the Academy Award-winning Cold Mountain actress playing the iconic entertainer amid her final run of shows in London in , a year before her fatal drug overdose at the age of The Jerry Maguire beauty wasn’t the only famous face snapped at the charity event, as Richie Sambora and Orianthi Panagaris were on hand and slated to perform at the festivities.

The gala is an inspirational evening dedicated to raising awareness and conquering ALS Among the activities included a wine tasting, dinner, auctions, and an award ceremony honoring those instrumental in the battle against ALS. Nanci revealed her ALS diagnosis back in

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Illustration of the Aqua satellite image credit: The satellite dimensions are: The design life is six years. The Aqua spacecraft is part of the “A-train” Aqua in the lead and Aura at the tail, the nominal separation between Aqua and Aura is about 15 minutes or “afternoon constellation” a loose formation flight which started sometime after the Aura launch July 15, The objective is to coordinate observations and to provide a coincident set of data on aerosol and cloud properties, radiative fluxes and atmospheric state essential for accurate quantification of aerosol and cloud radiative effects.

The OCO mission launch in will be the newest member of the A-train. Illustration of Aqua in the A-train image credit: This could be a scene out of a spooky movie. But reality is just as morbid for this coffin-shaped iceberg. After 18 years at sea, B T has entered a region where Antarctic icebergs go to die. The image was taken by a member of the Expedition 56 crew. Story by Kathryn Hansen Figure 5:

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