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This is a complete resource of all the best things to do in London for planning your trip. When you marry a Brit, you end up spending a good amount of time in London, and I am always searching for new and different things to do in London. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments. I have linked to the relevant websites so that you can find up to date info. The best part is admission is free and you can see the highlights in just an hour. Visiting this museum is one of my favorite things to do in London. This museum is on all the lists of best things to do in London. The National Gallery — This art museum has paintings from medieval times through Impressionist works.

The best Indian restaurants and take-aways in London

Enlarge Close Opened in , The Grand is a beautiful and historic former music hall that has since been home to a cinema and a bingo hall. The striking red brick building on St John’s Hill is now one of London’s top nightclubs, with a high-ceilinged, galleried hall and a luminous dancefloor that you might expect to find in the most sophisticated West End music venues. The grand venue is ideal for a cheery, beer-soaked night with DJ sets accompanied by circus acts and live music from hot new artists.

The venue also plays host to film nights, speakeasy swing events and even bingo with a party twist. Nightclubs When the countdown to midnight comes on 31st December , The Grand will come to a standstill, three foot balloons will be unleashed, indoor fireworks and confetti cannons will go off as a parade of Nightclubs The Polish outfit, formed in in Krosno, performs its take on death metal.

The dark web is the name that we give Ormsby’s research led her to a like-minded colleague half a world away in London. [reading to Sydney]: “Target works at Woody’s Restaurant on Madison.

Saint Luke is patron saint of artists, bookbinders, brewers, butchers and stained glass makers. Head Chef Daniel Petitta has crafted a menu of genuine, authentic food pulling on influences from Italy and France. Each food recipe is carefully curated and paired with a wine to match. Discover More Member Events Our cultural program of member events offers treats to suit all tastes throughout the calendar, from cerebral thinkshops early in the week to all-out party nights and live music into the weekend.

This workshop focuses on “how to say no”. Here he presents his art collection. Underwire Film Festival Party Join the leading ladies of the film industry for a celebration of the best Short Film talent.

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Italian living Italian restaurant guide: Discover the top Italian restaurants in London Stylish surroundings: London is blessed with some of the finest Italian restaurants outside of Italy itself. If you want modern, creative dishes that put an upscale spin on traditional Italian fare, the capital can easily oblige. The city attracts the best Italian chefs but the home-grown talent is exceptional, too, and both use the finest Italian ingredients and authentic regional recipes Zucca: Accomplished and critically acclaimed cooking that draws on influences from all over Italy.

For the first date. Amarcord Italian Food (Randburg). There’s something inherently romantic about the Italians, and the setting at Amarcord is perfect for getting to know someone special a little better.

History[ edit ] Italian cuisine has developed over the centuries. Although the country known as Italy did not unite until the 19th century , the cuisine can claim traceable roots as far back as the 4th century BCE. Food and culture was very important at that time as we can see from the cookbook Apicius which dates back to first century BC. Italian food started to form after the fall of the Roman Empire , when different cities began to separate and form their own traditions.

Many different types of bread and pasta were made, and there was a variation in cooking techniques and preparation. The country was split. He wrote a poem that spoke of using “top quality and seasonal” ingredients. He said that flavors should not be masked by spices , herbs or other seasonings. He placed importance on simple preparation of fish. By the time De re coquinaria was published in the 1st century CE, it contained recipes calling for heavy use of spices and herbs. The Romans employed Greek bakers to produce breads and imported cheeses from Sicily as the Sicilians had a reputation as the best cheesemakers.

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In brief Roganic Inspired by our lunch venue, Roganic though before we got anywhere near to thinking about the food my guest and I discussed Spoonerisms. He was inevitably rechristened Dark Menace. Roganic, on the other hand, is more punning than Spoonering, and thus a pretty low form of wit for a high-end eating destination. For this kind of Mayfair-money you sit in an insufficiently sexy room north of Oxford Street waited on by delightful young staff who regularly interrupt efforts at conversation with lengthy descriptions of what you are about to receive — for which you will make truly grateful noises and then forget the details instantaneously.

According to the menu we are handed in a sealed envelope, we eat the following:

We’re rounding up the single best restaurant in every London neighbourhood. Or, at least 39 of them. Selected on the basis of a strict set of criteria, namely 1) supreme deliciousness, 2) a superlative atmosphere and 3) being located somewhere; we’ve picked out each area’s classic, must-visit eatery.

While I can maybe picture the former, I imagine a group of men shrugging of their robes and being served by a waitress wearing more clothes than them is unlikely, considering that – sadly – the dynamic is usually very much the other way around. Eventually I get used to the heat and enjoy the low-key lounging feel.

It’s not so much that we are making a point of nibbling in the nude, it’s that now we’ve left the high heels and tight dresses at the door the mood of the experience has totally changed. I could be at a chilled out sleepover, rather than one of London’s most exciting dining experiences. Emily found dining with a female companion at the nudist eatery completely comfortable Emily asked thew friendly waitress if she felt strange working with no top on, but she says it is not awkward and helps other guest relax too The crowd seems very mixed.

While some are very earnest about the concept – ‘Do you have vegan wine? A couple who are on quite a flirty date in the booth next door are happily Snapchatting away. I ask the incredibly friendly topless waitress if it feels strange to her to be not wearing this unusual uniform. My dad runs a naturist movement in Portugal. I think us being naked and relaxed really helps visitors too. I’m feeling a sort of thrill knowing I’ll soon be swanning around as naked as the day I was born I could only image how awkward an awkward silence would be on a date as you both sit naked and dumb on tree trunks surrounded by bamboo.

London: Dog Friendly Restaurant, Pub & Place Guide

Fried artichoke and aioli at Marcella Credit: We had an excellent view of some carp, swimming round in a tank across the street Anyway. We had an excellent view of some carp, swimming around in a tank in the window of Island Buka, a Nigerian restaurant across the street. The interior of Marcella Credit:

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We locals all rolled our eyes and one of us went into a discourse on the meaning of the Cantonese phrase, how it was appropriated from Japanese subculture and the practice it involved. The guy had a perfectly good point: The police have just cracked down on internet dating services for sex and arrested 19 people , including three male students from a secondary school, a tertiary institute, and a vocational training school, along with a year-old female secondary school dropout.

I hope those arrested will learn a lesson. They may be the lucky ones. They are certainly much more fortunate than the year-old girl whose body was stuffed in a bag and disposed of like garbage in a rubbish collection station in Mong Kok in Or the year-old girl whose body was chopped up, pieces of which were flushed down a toilet, by a year-old man high on Ecstasy and ketamine in Do we really know that? There are many different types of prostitution. If it involves really young people, call it underage prostitution.

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The best Indian restaurants and take-aways in London

Not so with Princess Lettice. I feel like such a heel picking her up, and taking back upstairs to the flat to wait for my return. Twitter has been very helpful, and the best resource I know is the Doggity App, which I highly recommend. And if you have any personal dog friendly favourites, please do let us know in the comments! Market , in Camden, on Parkway, just a few minutes from the High Street.

For the first date. Amarcord Italian Food (Randburg). There’s something inherently romantic about the Italians, and the setting at Amarcord is perfect for getting to know someone special a little better.

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He must have been coaxed in by the yellow light of the dining room, and rejoins a group of his mates standing at the foot of the staircase. They walk off, confused and giggling, with bottles of lager in hand. Instagram And not just in relation to the food — but the openness. The open kitchen has walkways through to the tables and the waiting area, allowing food to be served by the hand which cooked it.

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Martin, Michael, Nelson Episode 1 starts out with the four guys’ being brought to the house and introduced to Slade after the news that their brief residence is, in fact, his house. They are shown their small living quarters, 4 twin beds in a cramped room with one bathroom. They have all planned dates and Martin, the real estate salesman, goes first. He takes Jo to a restaurant, which he has shut down just for them. He cooks her a meal in the restaurant’s kitchen with minimal help from Jo.

They then go dancing in the restaurant. She reveals that she likes a man in an apron but doesn’t like that she had hardly talked.

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Dining at Bunyadi came with a strict set of rules – including no hanky panky of any kind. FEMAIL’s Emily Hodgkin pictured reviewed the restaurant this summer – and said she felt more naked without her phone than being without clothes ‘We’re talking about people who have lived through the basic pyramid of life who don’t see naked bodies as sexual. Guests were then asked to strip when they have reached their seats in a private booth, sitting on their robes.

Best Top Romantic Restaurants in Washington DC. Since , restaurant, hotel, travel & other witty reviews by a handpicked, worldwide team of discerning professionals—and your views, too.

Enjoy the royal treatment in London Paul draws on his personal ‘database’ of contacts and experience from over twenty years spent in the upper echelons of this highly specialised industry. London is one of the worlds most visited cities and has something for everyone; from history to culture, Stonehenge; a pre-historic monument dating back to BC, transported and erected 5, years ago and set among beautiful countryside of Salisbury. The Highlands live up to their picture-postcard images with majestic scenery, towering mountains, forests and broad expanses of dark and shimmering loch.

Situated on an island at the point where three great sea lochs meet, Eilean Donan is surrounded by some majestic scenery, and is one of the most visited and important attractions in the Scottish highlands. Cross the spectacular Tower Bridge Experienced and versatile concierge at your finger tips. Our ultimate vision is to exceed the expectations of our clients, with unparalleled service, exemplary attention to detail and seamless program execution. In short, allowing clients to experience the UK in a creative way never imagined before.

Read more Affordable Luxury Sincerely Paul will unlock the hidden delights of our amazing country.

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