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So suggests new research that tracked changes in two genes thought to help regulate brain growth, changes that appeared well after the rise of modern humans , years ago. That the defining feature of humans — our large brains — continued to evolve as recently as 5, years ago, and may be doing so today, promises to surprise the average person, if not biologists. Lahn and colleagues examined two genes, named microcephalin and ASPM, that are connected to brain size. If those genes don’t work, babies are born with severely small brains, called microcephaly. Using DNA samples from ethnically diverse populations, they identified a collection of variations in each gene that occurred with unusually high frequency. In fact, the variations were so common they couldn’t be accidental mutations but instead were probably due to natural selection, where genetic changes that are favorable to a species quickly gain a foothold and begin to spread, the researchers report. Lahn offers an analogy: Medieval monks would copy manuscripts and each copy would inevitably contain errors — accidental mutations.

North Shore, IL

Using a self-help, empowerment approach, we provide a shelter for women and children, and counseling, advocacy, and a hour hotline for people affected by domestic violence. We work for social change through education, service collaboration and institutional advocacy. House of the Good Shepherd Chicago, IL House of the Good Shepherd offers an intensive residential recovery program for women with children who are struggling to overcome the trauma of domestic violence.

We promote healing and recovery for the mothers and children we serve, and empower the women to become self-sufficient so they can live thriving lives, free from poverty and violence. Our services include individual, family, and group counseling; classes in domestic violence, substance abuse, wellness, and positive parenting; a Learning Center where women work on education and job readiness; training in budgeting and money management to ensure financial stability; and an Aftercare Program with support groups and services that promote long-term recovery.

Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel Northbrook. Property Location When you stay at Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel in Northbrook, you’ll be in the suburbs and convenient to Chicago Botanic Garden and Ravinia Pavillion. This 4-star hotel is within close proximity of Ravinia Park and Northbrook Village Hall.

Westward lies a host of wannabes: Skokie, Glenview, Northbrook and so on. The North Shore is as much about attitude, affluence, achievement and ancestry and, some might say, anxiety and anorexia as it is about geography. The wannabes have isolated pockets that share some of the attributes of North Shore communities, but all fall short in critical ways. What sets the North Shore apart, more than anything else, is its timelessness.

If you returned to the North Shore today, after a year absence, almost all of its scenes would be instantly familiar, and many of the people you left behind would still be here, aging in place. The North Shore is a destination for most of its residents rather than a way-station. The permanence of the North Shore has a huge and hugely enriching impact on the experience of living here, especially for children. African-Americans, Asians, Latinos and every other nationality live comfortably and feel welcome throughout the North Shore.

Municipal government is outlined in more detail in individual Guides coming soon.

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Promotions Chicago North Shore, IL Meeting Planning Overview Planning meetings and events in Chicago North Shore offers visitors the very best in urban excitement and convenience, as well as access to beautiful tree-lined streets, beaches, parks, and vibrant downtown districts. Located just 20 minutes north of the city center, Chicago North Shore’s event venues are set amid rich arts, dining, and recreational offerings, as well as fabulous accommodations and shopping.

The second-largest airport in the country, O’Hare International, is located 17 miles west of downtown Chicago and 30 minutes from Chicago North Shore. Located along the south shore of Chicago and an hour from Chicago North Shore, Midway International is served by a number of low-cost air carriers.

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History[ edit ] Europeans settled the area sparsely after an treaty with local Native Americans. The region began to be developed into towns following the opening of Northwestern University in Evanston in and the founding of Lake Forest College two years later, and the construction and launch of railroads serving the colleges and their towns. The North Shore today is noteworthy for being one of the few remaining agglomerations of streetcar suburbs in the United States.

Jews, however, were barred from Kenilworth and Lake Forest. This railway ran along Lake Michigan’s western shore between Chicago and Milwaukee. A Suburban History, one of the most thorough studies of the area, covers eight suburbs along the lake: Houses of the Lakefront Suburbs, , Cohen and Benjamin include not only those eight suburbs but also “the tiny city of Highwood ” which is slightly inland, just north of Highland Park.

Today the North Shore remains one of the most affluent and highly educated areas in the United States.

North Shore (Chicago)

Hat pin from motorman on the Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee railroad. As the company grew and made plans for expansion, it became the Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railroad. When the company exited reorganization in , it was renamed to Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad.

We are a club for square dancing and our site highlights best activiities in the northshore of Chicago. Square dancing is fun, great excerise and good for the mind. Couples love square dancing!

Two years ago, Raschillo struck out with Culinary Gangster, an epicurean food truck that is garnering a paparazzi following on its own. Photo by Lee A. The transition makes sense. From chilled lobster to insane grilled cheese sandwiches served up on thick-cut Challah bread, pound for pound customers are getting more than a mouthful from these rolling gourmands.

With wait times only 10 minutes, this seems like a no-brainer. It just so happens to be a gluten-free option, as well. His juicy burgers are always cooked to medium. The classically trained duo struck out on their own in with their first food truck, which eventually led to a brick-and-mortar location in the Big Easy. While the meats and the salsas are prepped at their restaurant, all plates are prepared fresh on the truck. The Fat Shallot Truffle BLT from The Fat Shallot with a mountain of bacon, avocado, arugula, tomato, and a truffle aioli on a Texas Challah toast, and a side of thick-cut fries sprinkled with homemade rosemary salt and smothered in truffle aioli.

North Shore (Chicago)

The district claims the hazardous coal tar is spread across six acres of its lakefront property just west of Waukegan Harbor and forms a layer of four feet thick at some points, and that there is a contaminated groundwater plume migrating east towards the port and Lake Michigan. The suit was filed Oct. Reached for comment late Friday, North Shore Gas officials responded to the suit saying that while normally they don’t respond to active litigation, they have had good faith discussions with the Waukegan Port Authority.

Environmental Protection Agency , after an extensive scientific investigation and review of the site, selected a remedy plan in which we are implementing. The dense, non-aqueous phase liquid, or DNAPL, is the residue from the North Shore Gas South Plant, which operated in the first half of the 20th century and extracted gas from coal to provide everything from heating to lighting.

May 05,  · The Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad, often called the North Shore Line, was an interurban railroad line that operated between Chicago, Illinois, and .

The first known reference to the site of the current city of Chicago as “Checagou” was by Robert de LaSalle around in a memoir. Du Sable was of African and French descent and arrived in the s. In , following the Northwest Indian War , an area that was to be part of Chicago was turned over to the United States for a military post by native tribes in accordance with the Treaty of Greenville. The Potawatomi were forcibly removed from their land after the Treaty of Chicago in Receiver of Public Monies.

The City of Chicago was incorporated on Saturday, March 4, , and for several decades was the world’s fastest-growing city. The canal allowed steamboats and sailing ships on the Great Lakes to connect to the Mississippi River.

CTA/Pace North Shore Coordination Plan

Although passenger service was only suspended on this date, this was the last time public passenger trains operated on the line. The abandonment is famous, or infamous, since they are one of the few railroads to abandon service at To mark this historic day, both the Illinois Railway Museum and the Fox River Trolley museum will be staging re-enactments of the abandonment.

The Fox River trolley museum will be staging re-enactments on June 30th and July 1st. The Illinois Railway Museum event will occur on July 1.

North Shore Boring is your solution for directional drilling and underground construction services in the Chicago and North Shore areas. We specialize in the installation and service of underground piping and wires for commercial and residential customers.

Pets occupy a mysterious, wonderful place in our lives Before arthritis savaged my legs, I would exercise for a half-hour every day. I mostly used to lie on my back and chug through a series of sit-ups and leg pull-ups. My friend Nick would join me. He would lie on his back, too, and sort of wriggle around. Sit-ups were difficult for Nick since he How to get free and discounted stuff out of your health insurance company Did you know you may be eligible for a discounted gym membership at an area park district or health club?

How about free referral services for childcare or elder care?

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November 3, Wikimedia Commons It’s often said that “Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Where do the names for all these neighborhoods come from? We sought to find out. While this list is extensive, it isn’t absolute. For example, some areas were left off because they were obvious extensions of other neighborhoods hello, West Rogers Park , while others lacked reliable info or any information at all.

Involvement in the Chicago real estate market goes back generations in Christopher’s family dating back to the ’s. Since joining the business he has partaken in + transactions as an agent and has been a Managing Broker in Chicago and the North Shore for the past 4+ years.

Our thought experiment What if one of the most famous events in Chicago history — the Great Chicago Fire of — never happened? What would the city look like today? What we can offer are educated guesses from historians, authors and experts on Chicago architecture. And what did we find? Not just one alternate history, but a whole array of parallel universes — different versions of Chicago.

Kevin, who is 34, grew up in Chatham, a small town near Springfield, but he has lived for the past decade in Chicago, where he works for the group Wind on the Wires , advocating for wind power. Chicago was filled with wooden buildings, as well as piles of lumber and coal. And the city had miles of wood sidewalks. It seemed destined for destruction. Then it is possible that the fire Neither did that fire in — or anything on a similar scale. And Tom Leslie, author of Chicago Skyscrapers:

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How to get free and discounted stuff out of your health insurance company Did you know you may be eligible for a discounted gym membership at an area park district or health club? How about free referral services for childcare or elder care? Simple solution to immigration, ‘Dreamers’ issue is compromise We are a nation of immigrants. And our political heritage tells us that we are at our best politically when we compromise.

There is a key question before the country right now that needs to be resolved. We need compromise, but our political leaders refuse to do so.

It Started with These Two. Derek & Sonja Kassebaum started North Shore Distillery in , selling their first bottles in They’d already shown their impulsive streak by eloping in Las Vegas after dating for only /2 months some years back, and it was time for a new adventure.

This poster, designed circa , depicts African Jewelry. Measuring 12″ x 9″, this was one of the smaller prints made to advertise the museum and “L”. This poster was supposed to be published to put in the Chicago School system to encourage the kids to go to the museum; it is unclear if it was ever so used. It may have also been posted inside railcars.

The image shows the original pencil outline and the finished watercolor artwork. Waters, for the Research Class American Academy of Art Chicago Another of the smaller 12″ x 9″ 4-color prints, this advertisement shows an elephant and a monkey with children watching, along with monkeys in the border near the top and penguins in the border at the bottom. The original Peristyle, a distinctive lakefront attraction, was demolished in , but a replica was built in the same general location was part of the Millennium Park improvements in The poster depicts an opera performance, with a knight in front of an Egyptian monument.

The monument was located in its namesake square, at the intersection of Kedzie, Milwaukee, and Logan Blvd. The Fountain of the Great Lakes”, a bronze work of art created between , was created by famed scultor Lorado Taft in response to Daniel Burnham’s complaint at the Columbian Exposition in that the sculptors charged with ornamenting the fairgrounds failed to produce anything that represented the great natural resources of the west, especially the Great Lakes.

The fountain depicts five women arranged so that the water flows through them in the same way water passes through the Great Lakes. Sedelmaier, Josh Gartler, and David Gartler for providing information for some of the above descriptions.

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Share this article Share The Japanese government has established an emergency participation team with members of relevant ministries and agencies. A North Korean inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong being prepared before a test launch on July 4 A Japanese defence official said the missile could have flown at an altitude of more than 3, km after being launched from northern Jangang province in North Korea at It is believed to have covered a distance of 1, km.

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The North Shore Coordination Plan is a joint Pace/CTA study to evaluate the existing transit in the study area and to identify ways to improve service and coordination between Pace and the CTA. For more information about the Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan, please visit the project website.


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