Can you help me with this? I’ll certainly try to help. What model antenna do you have? Is the antenna going to be indoors or out? What model converter do you have? Install the antenna as per instructions. There should be a power box with the antenna.

TERK Omni-Directional Indoor FM Antenna

TV antennas have compromises built in.. All of this it tied together and the efficiency is greatly compromised. Also, there is no elements cut for the 3-meter FM broadcast band. You must rely on the VHF-lo elements, which are designed for Mc. This has directional selectivity limitations: Because the wavelength of the signal is too small for the VHF-lo elements, the antenna’s front to back ratio it’s ability to select signals directly in front of it, but reject signals from behind is very poor to nonexistent.

This passive indoor AM antenna is designed for superior reception and extended ranges. Perfect for the sports or talk radio enthusiast, this antenna picks up stations other antennas .

My remote for dish network won’t work We would be happy to help you with that. The first thing wewant to check is if the issue is affecting multiple buttons on the remote. Ifyou are having the issue with specific buttons then the remote needs to bereplaced, give us a call at DISH Check if you are using thecorrect remote for the correct room, there may be a number on the bottom of theremote that tells you which room the remote should be in.

If UHF, check thatyour UHF remote antenna is securely connected to the “RemoteAntenna” port on the back of your receiver and that the antenna isupright. At this point we want to re-address your remote, if issue is with theTV2 remote, bring your TV2 remote with you to TV1. Access “SystemInfo” at TV1. If the batteries in the remote have not beenreplaced in the past 60 days, replace the batteries.

Reset the receiver byunplugging it for 10 seconds then plug it back in then re-address the remoteagain.

CHANNEL PLUS 2534 4-Way Splitter/Combiner

I did a lot more reading late last night. I mean, what else is there to do after a foot of snow is dumped on your neighborhood? I figure I’ll share that here, especially since it is generic and can apply to any broadcast area. The true problem in my situation is likely multipath cancellations.

Jul 11,  · Is there any way to connect an FM antenna (of any type, dipole “T”, terk amplified, etc) to a clock radio’s antenna (a piece of wire)? For example, if the FM antenna’s output is of a coaxial type, would it just be the center wire of the coax to the dangling wire antenna of the clock radio?Status: Resolved.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Typically , most clock radios don’t have a coaxial cable antenna input , just a dangly wire. Clock radios , apart from the clock: The designers never intended for any other better antenna to be connected so they don’t provide external antenna connections on the radio that I have ever seen anyway. The dangly wire connects to the very first stage of the radio receivers front end.

In radios designed for an external antenna these sections are impedance matched to the antenna and the feedline , ether ohms for coaxial cable or ohms for twin lead cables.

Audiovox Tv Antenna Wiring Diagram

Page 1 Page 2 As I contemplate cutting the cord and getting rid of my satellite service , I continue to explore other means of acquiring the TV content I enjoy. I wanted to see how this model compares to other antennas I’ve used. If you read my review of the Mohu Leaf antenna , then you already know that the Colorado area in which I live is a somewhat challenging one for pulling in over-the-air HD signals, at least with an indoor antenna. When I tune strong to one, I lose the other.

The FDTV2A is part of the new crop of flat, omni-directional antennas that can blend into your room a bit more effectively than the rabbit ears of old. This antenna is basically just a glossy-black plastic square that measures about 9 x 9.

Jan 02,  · Glen, Thanks for your quick response, and your generous offer to possibly make your antenna available to me. The came with a square loop made from two fairly large diameter wires, but it isn’t able to rotate through more that ten or fifteen degrees within the cabinet.

First of all check for any nearby source of interference Move your unit away from all computers, fluorescent lights, neon lights, microwaves, cell phones , and cell phone chargers. These devises tend to produce noise in the medium frequency band, where AM radio is broadcast. If the unit plugs into the wall with a nonpolarized plug where both prongs are the same size , try reversing the plug in the outlet.

Moving the plug to another outlet might help, too. Move the antenna until you get the cleanest signal.

Improving Your Radio’s Reception…

Since then, many people have switched to HDTV. But a significant portion of the population elects not to buy a cable or satellite package. These viewers are content with the standard broadcast channels available in their area.

The Terk Technologies FDTV1A Flat Digital Omni Directional Amplified Indoor Antenna (Black) and FDTV2A Omni Directional Amplified Flat Digital HDTV Antenna (Black) are amplified versions of the plate design. A power adapter and removable in-line amplifier with built-in coaxial cable are included.

Originally written and posted 8 July Content last modified Saturday, 9 July External links last verified Tuesday, 1 February Of Jesus and Sewers The informal antenna survey As i was saying, back in the day oh, say May … any day you want… your intrepid D. Bay in Fairfax, CA, U. The results surprise even this jaded techie: Can powered antennas receive weak FM signals better than yer basic plastic wire? Can any indoor antenna receive weak FM signals as well as a rooftop?

Each antenna was tested with several different receivers: Each antenna was adjusted for best results no matter how impractical or ugly and most were additionally tested in positions more representative of actual usage crumpled up, strewn about, half-heartedly attached to the wall. Signal strength was measured in dBf from the oscilloscope display s , and qualitative aural via speakers and headphones and visual sillyscope impressions were recorded for each of three representative local FM stations.

Zenith C34W23 34-Inch Widescreen Integrated HDTV

Where can I connect it to? I can’t connect it to a screw cause the wire isn’t long enough, would I be safe extending the ground wire with another wire, then connecting it to something metal? Yes, extend the wire by soldering or using a wire nut with another length of wire. If the ground is not connected, you may or may not get good results. The subject of grounding in antenna systems is deeper than you want to get into and frankly far deeper than any understanding I may have , suffice it to say you almost certainly need it connected.

Jul 08,  · To hook up your tv, take your transmitter and one set of a/v cables, usually red, white and yellow. Do one cable at a time. What kind of wire or cable should i use between my receiver and amplified fm antenna? Terk Edge Dual Drive FM Amplifier Circuitry. 0 Questions. Check Out the Latest HD Televisions Report.

Its Cherubic profile blends into any home theater environment, whenever its best design and construction outperform antennas are available from other manufacturers. Don not settle for a less quality picture or few channels when you know your TV is capable of delivering much more. You can enjoy top-rated HDTV network programming and your favorite shows for Free with no monthly fee or subscription.

It is in Integrated loop for digital and analog channels Their dipoles extend and adjust for digital and analog channels Best complement to streaming players and a reliable source when storms knock out cable or satellite television. The reception quality and channels received will depend on distance from towers, broadcast power and other factors. Check Price On Amazon 2. RCA Multi-Directional Flat Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna, 30 Miles Range With the degree reception technology, this indoor multi directional antenna eliminates the regular need to adjust, so you will be receive a crystal clear picture or best picture with no lags or breakouts in the picture quality.

With its plump flat design, you can hang it up, lay it down or stand it upright, easy to take anywhere and receive local HD, DTV and FM signals for free. The small profile and compact shape will complement any home theater center. This HDTV antenna has very simple installation, where all you need to do is plug it in to other device.

RCA ANT111F Indoor “FM” Antenna FAIL