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Iloilo has one of the richest fishing grounds and is the site of the Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center which does researches on the spawning of milkfish and prawns. Cottage industry includes pottery, ceramics, weaving, woodcraft, bamboo craft and other related crafts. Iloilo is the primary commercial and trade center of Western Visayas with around a hundred commercial, industrial, development and rural banks, financial and investment houses, insurance companies and real estate agencies and developers. These traditions of fiestas the whole year-round manifests consistent devotions to saints, the Blessed Virgin, where people even draw up petitions for various intentions. A famous tradition is the celebration of the wide-renowned Fiesta of Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria of Jaro, where the yearly celebration is marked by candles called Perdon and the lining up of the faithful up her Shrine at the Jaro Cathedral. They also very gentle in their ways that their quarrels do not see like ones. Since time is not important to the Ilonggos; they take life as it comes.

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Visayan Culture and Practices Written by: Joyce Ng Photographs by: Professor Padilla broke her session into two parts, one focusing mainly on the history of Iloilo, and the other focusing on the culture of Iloilo.

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Most of these structures remained intact and well preserved making them great tourist attractions. One of the most popular places where people go apart from the modern restaurants of the city is the La Paz Market. The imposing structure was built in The restored house which is facing the Molo Town Plaza and the Molo Church is now turned into a heritage museum. The clean looking yellowish-brown color of the church was brought about by the materials used in the construction of the building such as Adobe, egg whites, limestone and coral stones.

They have some facilities for vacationers like rooms and some other activities to enjoy. Of course, for many, one of the most interesting attractions of the place is the Pilgrimage Site, which would require you to take steps to reach the focal point. The imposing structure was built between and Where to Stay in Iloilo City You can compare room rates as well as book a rook through our link below. Fast Cat is serving the Bacolod — Iloilo Route with rates and schedule listed below.

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Now we live in a house we built in a rural area, on a dead end road with no close neighbors. When we first moved to Iloilo City we lived in an unusually secure private compound in Iloilo City. We could leave our doors open if we want to. We have ridden jeepneys everywhere. I have literally walked more than a thousand of miles on the streets of Iloilo City and lonely rural paths in the country.

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It is one of the greatest and oldest landmarks in the city and is a rare medieval-style Philippine Gothic Church. He spoke grandly of Iloilo’s love for culture and the arts. Leading this exciting experience was none other than Maestro Arturo Molina, whose pedigree in Philippine music is unquestionable. It was in when he was entrusted with the leadership and future of the prestigious symphony.

He has since been leading the ensemble towards new heights. The night started off with the Molo Church Choir singing the opening prayer, accompanied by the beautiful harmony of MSO. Afterwards, we were treated to a carefully curated selection of Bach and Beatles classics. The solo performances were also of note. The church was jam-packed with natives and tourists alike, who both enjoyed the music.

I knew that the crowd was just as in awe as I was. The audience was diverse, but you could tell by their humming and singing that everyone was enjoying. MSO gave audiences a hint of what was to come by wowing the crowd with a rendition of the magical soundtrack of the popular series books and movies, Harry Potter. By bringing MSO to Iloilo, Senator Drilon hopes to further the development of culture and the arts in their native city.

Iloilo Bus & Land Transport Terminals, Routes & Schedules

He is considered to be the greatest Filipino tennis player in history, and at only 4 foot 11 inches tall, was once considered the best tennis player in the world, pound for pound. He represented the country in several Davis Cup competitions for almost 30 years and holds the Philippine all-time record for the most singles and total wins in Davis Cup history.

He was known for winning the Far Eastern Games tennis gold medal, the Pan American Games tennis singles gold medal, the Asian Games tennis doubles gold medal, and Chinese Recreational Club Open Tennis doubles title.

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History of the Philippines and Irong-Irong Period of Malay Mass Migration[ edit ] According to ancient legends, some of the inhabitants of Panay island were originally from other islands, including Borneo , Sulawesi , and Sumatra. Panay might be named after the kingdom of Pannai which is located in Sumatra, since i and y are interchangeable in Spanish.

Proof for this is corroborated by linguistic evidence. Probably, it was what the Atis had come to use for the name given by the Malay settlers to their newly found home. Some historians also affirm the Sumatran origin of the people of Panay, observing that the Visayans derived their writing system from those of Toba , Borneo, Celebes, Ancient Java and from the Edicts of the ancient Indian emperor Ashoka. J, a historian who came to Asia during the early years of the Spanish conquest of the Philippines.

The following is his personal observation recorded during his visit to Sumatra: One of these ethnic groups was subjugated there and they were unable to flee for various circumstances. Someone speaking Pampango which I heard before found out that they were not speaking Pampango among themselves, but they the Malays of Sumatra donned the old Pampango ethnic costume.

And when he addressed an old man among them, the [old man] replied: You are descendants of the lost, that in times past left this place to settle in other lands, and nothing was heard about them again. This resonates with the local Panay tradition regarding the arrival of ten Datus from Borneo. The kingdom of Pannai was a militant-nation allied under the Srivijaya Mandala that defended the conflict-ridden Strait of Malacca. The Visayan lore says that in the 13th century, ten Bornean datus came to the island which they named Panay, Pani or Panae after the fallen kingdom of Pannai or a shortening of the Ati word for the island, Ananipay.

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Sidebar Our retirement in the Philippines… My wife and I have chosen the Philippines as our retirement home and lived here full time since The wonderful people are its treasure. Thousands of doctors, nurses and seamen are trained in Iloilo every year.

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And so, it happened. It was a landmark year as the Commission on Elections introduced automated polls for the first time in our electoral history. Aspirations were high as economic growth and opportunity were surging. Aside from completing my college degree that summer, it was my first time to vote in a national election. The year before, I have been part of a nationwide campaign that encouraged youth voters to participate in the upcoming polls.

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It was a replacement to the old Iloilo Domestic Airport in Mandurriao, which has served Iloilo for more than 50 years. The New Iloilo Airport was built to accommodate the rising number of air passenger and cargo traffic in Iloilo and improve air transportation safety in compliance with international standards.

Passenger Terminal The Iloilo International Airport has a 12, square meter passenger terminal, touted as the most modern in the country during its completion. The passenger terminal was designed to handle around 1. Complete separation for departing and arriving passengers. Close-circuit television for security and monitoring purposes. Three units of passenger boarding bridges, which can stretch up to 35 meters when fully retracted.

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