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Soyou et JungGiGo réunis pour « Love is One More Than Separation »

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Estoy obsesionada con Ranma. Yo me suelo obsesionar con todo lo que me gusta, me da con algo y no lo suelto, busco todo el material que pueda conseguir, hasta que lo dejo ir y paso a otra cosa, pero con Ranma siempre vuelvo a caer. Ranma y Akane se pelean tanto como se quieren. Son el uno para el otro. Empiezo por el bonus track. La historia es bien rara y extravagante. La forma en que se entera de que Blanquinegra tuvo cachorritos es demasiado chistosa. Y Ranma como Yoiko es genial.

Solo la he visto una vez. No le hace justicia a esta divertida historia. Entonces decide estar a solas con ambas, pero sin que ellas se den cuenta de la presencia de la otra. Me encanta Akari tan linda y dulce, es perfecta para Ryoga.

Kpop & Style : Soyou + Junggigo “Some”

It knocks Hyorin’s three-week No. Soyu’s second solo No. Soyu now has six overall with “Some. The closest girl group to have some comparable to the group is Tae Yeon of Girls’ Generation, who has two No. Free K-Pop Coming to L. The track skyrockets to No.

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During one of her investigations, F. Molly is reluctant at first, but ultimately decides to accept Ranford’s offer. She goes undercover as a sorority student named Brooke Stonebridge and receives help from her father Mike O’Malley. At first, she thinks that Sasha may be a suspect, but as it turns out, she only changed her identity from Suzy Walters so she could start a new life rather than continue to be an outcast. Molly also meets her love interest, Nicholas Dexter Josh Bowman , another student at the college.

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I always worry about him, I am afraid that someone might hurt his feeling. Frighteningly taken Up to Eleven with fans in South Korea and China, so much that the members are often injured by the groping, wind up with scratches and cuts, etc. The use of makeup of more outlandish makeup was more common in the group during their debut era, but they’ve mellowed out since then. Kai once slept for 20 hours straight, without waking up.

Xiumin is good at maths, and was in his school’s SKY class gifted class in high school. He is currently studying for his PhD. In their early years, under the ‘ Happy Virus ‘ image, Chanyeol always seems to be goofy and happy. However, he confessed that he actually crys a lot, and is much more sensitive than some thought him to be. His self written songs proof it, especially this.

While seemingly tough and fierce on stage, Kai is in fact quiet and shy , and loves reading and arts, with his favorite writer being Keigo Higashino. A lot of his quotes shown that he is way more mature and wise than some people of his own age. I Am Not Pretty: Or I am not cute in D.

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Before debuting, she was a licensed hairdresser and worked in a hair salon. Soyou was known as a Cube Entertainment trainee, who originally supposed to debut as a member of 4Minute. Soyou has said that she didn’t make it into the group because she was lacking in many ways and was originally supposed to be in Sohyun’s place.

Ngày 01 tháng 11 năm , Soyou hát song ca với bộ đôi hip hop, Geeks, bài hát “Officially Missing You, Too” được làm lại từ bài hát cùng tên của Tamia. Bài hát là một phần của dự án album Re Geeks ‘;Code Episode 1, phát hành bởi Loen Entertainment.

Humorous and heart-tugging, this show gets more adorable by the minute. Fated To Love You continues to inch upwards in ratings, as this episode hit 7. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Gun is seeking the services of this law firm to deal with the soap factory in Yeoul Island, once and for all.

Lawyer Min, who staggers in shock in front of his potential client. He takes off after someone who he thinks might be Mi-young from behind, but once he loses her at the elevators, he shakes off the notion. As for Mi-young, helping her friend out with a period emergency reminds her to check her own calendar. She shifts uncomfortably when Lawyer Min finds her alone and tries to strike up conversation about her and Gun.

Her eyes grow wide when he asks if it was a one-night stand and offers to get in touch with Gun for her, and yunno, help his own career by scoring him a big-time client like Jangin Chemicals.

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Untuk melihat detail lagu 소유soyou X 정기고junggigo 썸some Feat 긱스 릴보이 Lil Boi Of Geeks klik salah format yang ingin kamu download, kemudian untuk link download mp3 atau video 소유soyou X 정기고junggigo 썸some Feat 긱스 릴보이 Lil Boi Of Geeks.


[MV] HIGH4, IU(하이포, 아이유) _ Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms(봄,사랑,벚꽃 말고)