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He stalked Aizen for his whole life. Are you some sort of psychopath detector? Well yes, yes he is. He apparently recognized the evil latent in Aizen from the very, very, very beginning. So what is it with Shinji and calling people out? Well, one theory would be that he recognizes this sort of thing in others because he happens to have a larger than average helping of evil himself. Because perhaps they are little psychopathic soul mates.

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Maaya Uchida Since middle school, Futaba has always believed that boys were too rough and violent. Kou Tanaka was the only exception, and Futaba wanted to know him better. The two share brief, sentimental memories, including a plan to go to the summer festival together. After accidentally telling Naitou, Kou’s friend, that she hates all boys within Kou’s hearing proximity, she worries about his opinion of her but convinces herself that he understands he is an exception.


Uryuu teaches Ichigo about Quincy stuff and Ichigo teaches Uryuu the good things about shinigami. They visit their mothers graves together every year. He brings baby Hyorin with him everywhere , wrapped in one of his scarves. To a seven year old. Momo tells everyone about it for centuries. Zaraki never lives it down. Shiromo Hitsugaya gains his first rival before puberty.

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Edit The chapter primarily focuses on Risa’s point of view. She tells him she can’t go to the concert and that there is someone else she is seeing now. Before she can speak, he starts to cry. The girl asks if he is okay to which he replies with a simple, “Yeah,” before taking a phone call. The call is brief only mentioning to the person that he was alone, it was his birthday, then proceeds to call the person a dummy, thank them, and hang up.

Taiyou no Ie ive never seen this manga before but i found this and i wanted to share it with u:D.

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Recommended by zorapup These two anime are quite similar Both are outcasts and are ignored by other students until a popular boy comes along to changes their situation. They fall in love with the boy. Both are popular and well liked by both genders, but they both have flaws that most people don’t notice.

Mon, 24 Jul 6 Manga Like Shugo Chara [Recommendations] When one is a small child, the world is brand new. We don’t know which type of .

Nakayoshi magazine ; Kodansha tankoubon format English Publisher: Eiji is a Japanese teen, who used to be an Olympic hopeful until an accident stopped his career and sent him into a depression. But when they meet while Eiji is working as an assistant photographer for an investigative journal, they become friends. Banana Fish, by Akemi Yoshida, is considered a classic shoujo from the 90s, and with good reason.

Of course, that makes it very hard to find similar manga that have equally fulfilling plots, but here we have six suggestions that may just fit the bill. As a half-Japanese cop, he had seen his share of discrimination, so when Dee Laytner, his new partner, not only greeted him enthusiastically but insisted in calling him by his Japanese name, Ryo, well, Maclean realized he had to adjust his expectations. Ryo and Dee solve many crimes together, and soon end up with two kids, Carol and Bikky, that pretty much adopt Ryo —even if Ryo will say it was the other way around.

At the same time, Dee is not too shy to declare his love for Dee, so Dee has to decide if he actually reciprocates those feelings while dealing with dark secrets from his past. For many American readers, FAKE was one of the first BL manga that was translated officially, and thus, shaped the idea of how BL stories worked even if only the last volume had any real explicit scenes. But when he accepts to model for Kira, he starts to fall in love with her, and she with him.

However, his violent ways tend to create conflicts between them, not only when he tries to defend her, but also when his past comes knocking on their door. Still, they do the best to try to stay together, because their love can beat every obstacle. He ran away from home with his brother Dallas, who later forced him into prostitution.

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Edit The film opens with Tomoki and the rest of the New World Discovery Club in the middle of another unusual, if not typical, situation. The film then switches to Daedalus who explains more about the angeloids and their history, and then to a scene where an angel is asleep in a pod. After the recap, Hiyori decides she wants to be closer to Tomoki, so she asks to join the New World Discovery club, though Eishirou is against it, as he remembers seeing an angel resembling Hiyori in Synapse the same one from earlier in the movie and is not yet sure what their reality is.

“A lumbering hulk aside a delicate flower, A gentle leviathan of terrible power.” Usually, it’s the man who’s bigger. This is an exaggeration with some basis in truth: the median height for males is slightly higher than that for females, and many people choose opposite-sex mates with the.

The plot revolves around Tomoki Sakurai, a highly perverted young man struggling to live a peaceful life. His already-difficult life worsens when he encounters a fallen Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes his servant. An anime film was released on June 25, The anime is licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment , who will be releasing the series in and the film in Contents [ show ] Plot Tomoki Sakurai is a young man whose motto is “Peace and quiet is the best”, but he finds it difficult when he has to put up with his next door neighbor with a killer karate chop, Sohara Mitsuki; Eishiro Sugata, an eccentric scientist bent on discovering the “New World”; and Mikako Satsukitane, a borderline sadist.

What falls from the sky is an Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes Tomoki’s servant. From then on, more Angeloids come to him, and with this, he finds himself struggling for his peace and quiet, but at the same time finds pleasant things the Angeloids bring him. However, his life is forever changed when he meets Ikaros and the other Angeloids. While being shown to be a shameless pervert to the point of creating peepholes via improvised pipe periscopes to every peeping spot all over town [2] , he is usually a kind and sincere person.

Tomoki was heavily influenced by his equally perverted grandfather, and would often appear to give him albeit perverted advice, which always seems to help Tomoki in dire situations.

Spice and Wolf

Jun Fukuyama Japanese , J. Michael Tatum English Kraft Lawrence, who chiefly goes by his surname, is a year-old traveling merchant who goes from town to town buying and selling various things in order to make a living. When he was twelve, he became an apprentice to a merchant relative, and set out on his own at eighteen. His goal in life is to gather enough money to start his own shop, and he has already been traveling for seven years while gaining experience in the trade.

I love you my assassin you make me smile blush laugh & happy I thought I was worth noting till I met you you truly are the only person that understands me & has been their for me.

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Due to her often snapping at others in brutal ways and her short stature, she is given the nickname “Palmtop Tiger”. Essentially, Taiga is meant to be a deconstruction of the tsundere, showing rapid mood swings, being emotionally unstable, and making poor decisions based solely on emotions. Her steady progress into becoming sweet and kind defies the “bipolar” stereotype of most tsundere characters, who often switch from moods and show no true character development.

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