Posts 24 There are numerous features that distinguish the different models of engines from is the time period I will concentrate on , most are subtle and hard to pic unless you’ve seen every type. To list them now I would need a few days but email with pictures when you find an engine and I will help you out. Cylinders, timing cover and the length of the inner primary mounting points on the cases are the best way to determine the model when combined with a serial number. Below is a timeline of Excelsior front cylinders from left to Right: It is possible that the Series 18 cylinder carried over on early Series The cylinder does not have the drilling for the oil pipe, and the cylinder has additional cutouts in the base flange. Series 16 and cylinders are very similar, Series 16 has a hole added in the intake track for a priming line. Some later Series 16 cylinders don’t have the boss for the priming cock separate to the priming line drilled. Series 17 cylinders are unique to that model.

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Originally Posted by trekrider She gets all weird when I say hey babe can we fuck tonight Odd, she never acts like that with me.

Tak cuma satu, beberapa foto dengan tema serupa bermunculan lewat akun Instagram pamelasafitri, meskipun hingga kini belum diketahui apakah benar jika gambar-gambar tersebut asli atau editan belaka. Jika melihat foto tersebut, foto itu diambil dengan cara selfie. Pamela pun nampak mengenakan tank top berwarna biru. Sementara, foto satunya lagi, Pamela terlihat memakai tank top hitam yang dipadukan dengan cardigan putih.

Ia tampak memamerkan payudara kanannya. Tapi, ia enggan menyebut nama sang peretas. Pihak manajemen pun sudah mengetahui siapa pembajak akun Pamela. Manajer Duo Serigala, Soni mengungkapkan pihaknya tengah mengumpulkan bukti-bukti terkait pembajak akun Pamela. Rencananya, mereka akan melaporkan pembajak tersebut ke polisi. Soni mengatakan Pamela sangat shock. Bahkan, ia belum bisa diajak berbicara. Hingga kini akun tersebut sudah kembali diambil alih Pamela. Foto-foto syur yang di-tag oleh hacker telah dihapus.

Sebagian besar pria merasa senang bukan kepalang, sementara itu di sisi lain para kaum hawa murka dan resah karena tersebarnya foto yang seronok tersebut.


But when it is repeated ad nauseum, I need to say something. But if they were truly going their own way, why do they need to talk about it all the time online. Here’s what is happening:

Nov 11,  · Page 2-Post your classic celebrities in this area! Celebrities and actresses born between and

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It takes a lot of training and experimenting. When you beat off don’t beat off to get off.

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13 days ago · The Forum Runner app is no longer supported nor can it be downloaded from the Google Play store any more. It is still available in the iTunes store. If you already have it installed, it should be working, but it will break when we do the next forum software upgrade. TapaTalk is still running strong. We used to support this many years ago but I dropped it because vBulletin officially supported.

What information does Facebook get when I visit a site with the Like button? Since the Like button is a little piece of Facebook embedded on another website, the browser is sending info about the request to load Facebook content on that page. We record some of this info to help show you a personalized experience on that site and to improve our products. For example, when you go to a website with a Like button, we need to know who you are in order to show you what your Facebook friends have liked on that site.

The data we receive includes your user ID, the website you’re visiting, the date and time and other browser-related info. Like other sites on the Internet, we receive info about the web page you’re visiting, the date and time and other browser-related info.

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Posts 50 Yes, I understand, about most things not being correct that one comes across on the internet and other places, I see the same thing. I was lucky to have gotten my stuff along ago, most of which was NOS and dusty barn finds, not like most stuff today that has been passed through too many hands. I am sorry to say that I no longer have my big piles of Hedstrom parts or my Indians all were victims of unemployment , so a lot of pictures of both types will not be possible.

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View Forum Threads , May at This has been a subject I’ve had rolling around my head for a while, and I just can’t stop pondering it. What are those of us, to do without chat buddies our age? I know that may sound silly, but I think most of us would like a chat room where we can find a chat buddy within our biological age range, just to go to for support now and again.

I know there’s the adoption thread posted somewhere on here, but I think we need more of an age by age adoption chat. A place to post an intro, to connect in a innocent roleplay, and start little chats, is precisely what I had in mind. I may start up a Thread about this at a later time if I get decent feed back. What I wanna know from you guys is: What do you want out of chat? What are you looking for in chat buddies? Would it be easier to confide in someone your own age? I just bring all this up because I’m trying to make ADISC a safer place for everyone to take care of all their little or otherwise support needs.

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View Forum Threads , Nov at I am the only one who wears. I told her about my incontinent issues in the past after we were married.

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The keywords and phrases you use in your Meta description tag may not affect your page’s ranking in the search engines, but this tag can still come in handy in your overall SEO and social media marketing campaigns. What Is the Meta Description Tag? It is usually placed after the Title tag and before the Meta keywords tag if you use one , although the order is not important.

The proper syntax for this HTML tag is: Today, neither Google, Bing, nor Yahoo! In other words, whether you use your important keyword phrases in your Meta description tag or not, the position of your page in the search engine results will not be affected. So in terms of rankings, you could easily leave it out altogether. There are 3 important ways that Meta descriptions are being used today that make them an important part of your SEO and overall online marketing strategy: They can be used as the description or part of the description of your page if it shows up in the search results.

They are often used as part of the descriptive information for your pages when Google shows “extended sitelinks” for your site. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

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If you have completed or are on the Tailor Station quest in the armor line, this update will completely wipe your quest log, including treasure maps. You will not lose rewards but your log will be reset. If you have NOT completed the tailor station quest then you will not see this bug. This is due to a change in glue requirements for one step of the armor quest.

No words can explain how disappointed I am that this has happened. My team is pretty beat up over this, but this is percent on me. I should have known better. When updating please take into account this huge bug. Fixing it at this point could result in more damage done. If you are on the armor quest consider this patch a wipe. It was never the intention. I have ceased any work on the mod until I will not change any more or update any more files.


The topic of threesomes came up while we were at a bar. She said that she explored the idea of it before by first trying to get together with a girl so she knew she wouldn’t like that. But that she thought the idea of two men was hot. Shortly before that we were at a concert with a lounge. She sat on my lap on a couch and started making out with me.

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This is the biggest sign of whether or not a guy is into you. He talks to you about being interested in other women comfortably. So maybe you and him talk on a regular basis. Now, a guy might talk about how another woman is hot randomly, and sometimes that can be innocent. He has no interest in talking to you. This is plain enough. Negative body language cues include: In fact, I lay out the foundations for all the most common relationship advice problems here , so you can check that page out.

Missing a date or two is one thing, but if this is a regular occurrence then it becomes telling.

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